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I never thought the two would match so well, but there are a few really awesome things you can do that integrate Twitter with Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Home and even Google Calendar. Here is a list of the coolest applications that help you Tweet your mind out using Google apps! ..

  1. Tweet yourself into organization with TwitterCal - You can add events directly to your Google Calendar by sending a Tweet to a bot that processes and forwards your events directly to your Google Calendar. How is this useful? I guess for the truly Twitter addicted, this one makes sense because you never have to leave Twitter to add appointments. I always have GCal running on my computer, so I am not sure I will need this one. It’s a really neat idea nonetheless though.
  2. Twitter Gadget - Stay on top of Tweets from your Google Home page using this Twitter Gadget
  3. GTalk has been talking to Twitter for ages - Download GTalk (or use it directly in Gmail), and add “” to your contact list. While you’re busy, you can Tweet directly from GTalk by sending an IM of your Tweet to this Twitter contact.
  4. Twitter from your Blackberry - You can either Twitter from your Blackberry using the mobile GTalk application (download it here directly from your Blackberry:, or you can download TwitterBerry by pointing your mobile browser to this address:
  5. TwitterMap - Search where a Tweet is coming from. If you like people to know where you are tweeting from, you can add information on different locations, and when they search for you on the map, your Tweets will be displayed according to the locations you sent them from. A funny variant of this is Twittervision, which is a big world map displaying the latest Tweets and their location. So basically you get a snapshot of what is being Tweeted around the world, and what random strangers are up to.
I’m loving Twittervision as my newest hypnotizing time-waster. Careful, you’ll be watching out for the next Tweet, and the next, and the next…. I wonder how long it would take to catch my own Tweet on it.


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