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  • To Provide an Online Learning Environment.

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CHILLAPPLE is providing lots and lots of information on
following fields :

Reference  : The Reference section has detailed information about the Land,
People, Culture, Arts,  Festivals, Cuisine, Tourist places of all the 28 states and 6 Union Territories
supplemented with maps.
Tourism : Authentic information on forts, palaces, museums, wildlife parks, pilgrim centres and popular spots for adventure sports such as paragliding and rafting, and information on how to get there,  accommodation, local transport, food and drinks
Automobiles : An overview of Indian cars, bikes and their technical specifications, Indian manufacturers and their makes, latest launches, etc

Festivals : Comprehensive details about the Festivals celebrated in world with a festival calendar for each year.
Video : Exclusive video Interviews with great personalities in different fields like movies, politics, music, dance, sportsetc., videos on Crafts, cookery, music and danceperformance both classical and contemporary, rituals and festivals to particular states, tourism, martial arts, health section where you can clear your doubts with eminent doctors, yoga - how to do asanas and meditation, campus - debates and talkshows, cultural programmes for the youth and much much more...

     Health : A general guide for healthy living encompassing  food, exercises and checkups for healthy
living, supplemented by sections on  the symptoms, causes of different diseases in men, women and children; preventive measures, effects of aging and ways to delay them;  pregnancy, baby care, etc.,

Medicinal Systems and Therapies: Gives a basic idea about Indian medicinal systems such
as Ayurveda and Siddha as well as others like Homeopathy, Unani, Acupuncture and therapies like Aromatherapy, Rieki, Chiropractic etc.

History : A glimpse of the past covering ancient, medieval and modern history of our world.

Personalities : Profiles of eminent personalities including dancers, musicians , scientists, politicians, Industrialists, statesmen, sportsmen, social reformers, etc

Spices : Different spices; areas where they are  raised, exporter;

Music : A peep into western, pop, modern and classical music with details of various musical instruments, practitioners, professionals, learning and practicing facilities along with downloads.

Women's section : Catering to needs of her trends and fashion, health issues, hobbies, etc

Government : General information about National symbols, awards, Ministries of the Indian government,  Presidents, Vice Presidents etc of the Republic of India
Religions : General information about the various religions practiced in India such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and the various Hindu gods, Sikh
gurus etc.

Career and Education section: CHILLAPPLE's elaborate education section helps students to take a decision about their career by publishing hundreds of articles related to the various career options
available. The section gives a subject wise/state wise listing of thousands of educational institutions with
contact details. Information on institutes conducting Direct study, Distance education/correspondence,
online education, details of competitive exams, application procedures and admissions dates are listed. There is a special section on Entrance Exams with question banks and free online tests to help students to prepare for entrance. We also furnish details of studying abroad in USA, UK and Canada universities and admission procedures.

Hobbies and Entertainment section:The portal has a regularly updated Entertainment and
Hobbies segment, which includes a Movie section with reviews of Hindi, English and Regional language films, promos, profiles of stars, features which enlighten the viewers of the latest trends; an elaborate Craft section giving step by step instruction of creating different type of crafts at home; a Cookery section with a huge database of recipes, be it recipes of different states, festival specials, delicacies of  vegetarian or non vegetarian as per the browsers choice; a  Pet section; Astrology to foresee your future and help you in finding your ideal partner; a simple and perfect guide to Gardening and the ancient wisdom of Yoga which helps you to stay fit both spiritually and physically. Fashion & Fabrics a section which helps you know the latest trends and events, unique fabrics of different countries in our world, weaving centers, textiles manufacturers and fashion designers etc.

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