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Mission Statement :

believe that imagination is the key to learning. Teachers can teach, but learning comes from within. Our goal is to spark the flame that will lead young and old to pursue learning as an adventure through imagination. There is an unending universe of learning opportunities. Every bit of knowledge gained will undoubtedly lead the learner to new levels of wondering, new questions, new adventures. We are never too young nor too old to learn. Open the universe of your imagination.

Vision Statement:

  • Local Problems, Global Solutions

  • Learning in one step

  • New tools for learning

  • New Perspectives for Learning

  • Quest for Quality

  • To reach the visitors through new, innovative and updated ideas

  • Predict the curve and ride it gracefully

Commitment Statement :

" Known is a drop; Unknown is an ocean "

Learning is fulfilled when the attained knowledge is shared to someone. It is truth that the only asset which cannot be stealed is our Knowledge. It can be given to someone based on ones will and wish.

CHILLAPPLE Group International.
(Under the ageis of a Medical, Educational and Cultural  Charitable Trust).


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