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Screen CleanerMoshi's new screen cleaner is by far the safest way to clean your screen. The product is called neato and it is a screen cleaner that utilizes advanced microfiber technology.

It comes in two parts, with one part for wiping dust and the other part for lifting away fingerprints and grease. According to Moshi's website"its effectiveness lies in the fact that neato is comprised of Terahedron, known for its superior cleaning capabilities and microfiber filaments that will not scratch your display."

The screen cleaner works just like your cleaning towel for your classes except its about 10 times better and does not require you to use any solvents that might damage your screen's anti-reflective coating. Neato also comes with a sticky side that allows it to be stuck on the back of your monitor that way you don't loose it. You can purchase Neato here for only $16 or to learn more about the product visit Moshi's website product page here.


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