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Public money is like holy water; everyone helps himself to it.
— Italian proverb

The problem with socialism is that it will take up too many evenings.
— Oscar Wilde
Is there such a thing as free money or free cash? Apparently a lot of people think so. The following are the estimated daily searches on Google for keywords or phrases related to "free money."...

* free money - 2,149
* free business money - 1,179
* make money fast free - 934
* absolutely free government money - 666
* free money to start a business - 631
* free government money - 606
* free cash - 354
* free unclaimed money - 336
* make money free online - 315
* millionaires who give free money - 306
* claiming unclaimed money free - 289
* free money online - 264

Problem is, there appears to be a lot of competition for this free money or free cash. The following

quotes may put the idea of free cash into proper perspective.

#1 Quote about Easy or Free Money

The darkest hour in any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it.
— Horace Greeley

#2 Quote about Easy or Free Money

For one person who dreams of making 50,000 pounds, a hundred people dream of being left a hundred pounds.
— A. A. Milne

#3 Quote about Easy or Free Money

Hollywood held this double lure for me, tremendous sums of money for work that required no more effort than a game of pinochle.
— Ben Hecht

#4 Quote about Easy or Free Money

Money is money [wherever it comes from].
— French proverb

#5 Quote about Easy or Free Money

Only two things are worth having — money, which you have not had the trouble of earning, and irresponsibility.
— Cyril Connolly

#6 Quote about Easy or Free Money

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.
— From the movie The Color of Money (1986)

#7 Quote about Easy or Free Money

Yes! ready money is Aladdin's lamp.
— Lord Byron

#8 Quote about Easy or Free Money

You can never truly receive money as a gift.
— Michael Phillips

#9 Quote about Easy or Free Money

While some people become rich because of their greed, more are destined to become poor or in the middle classes because of it. The lure of instant riches is an opiate that dulls reasoning and common sense.
— from Money Madness by Herb Goldberg and Robert T. Lewis

#10 Quote about Easy or Free Money

Common sense among men of fortune is rare.
— Juvenal

What's Truly Free in Life

Someone once said that a free lunch isn't worth what you pay for it. Some Canadians, however, seem to believe in a free lunch. Polling firm Ipsos-Reid asked 1001 Canadian adults what they thought was free in life. The following were their responses although money wasn't on the list:

* Nothing (33 percent)
* The air we breath (18 percent)
* love and friendship (13 perent)
* happiness and smiles (6 percent)
* thought (3 percent)
* freedom of speech (2 percent)
* advice (1 percent)

To these we can add the word of Plautus: "The day, water, sun, moon, night ... I do not have to purchase these things with money."

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you nothing, it was here first.
— Mark Twain

More Quotes about Easy or Free Cash

A dollar picked up in the road is more satisfaction to us than the 99 which we had to work for, and the money won at Faro or in the stock market snuggles into our hearts in the same way.
— Mark Twain

Welfare is not a career opportunity.
— Author Unknown

A surprise monetary windfall will be accompanied by an unexpected expense of the same amount.
— Unknown wise person

To be handed a lot of money is to be handed a glass sword, blade first. Best handle it very carefully, sir, very slowly while you puzzle what it's for.
— Richard Bach

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