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What is a "Online User Counter" :

Through this you can track that how many users are currently browsing your blog/website or you may see who is online currently. There are many free Online User Counter services available. You have to visit their site and copy the code and then paste it into your blog and you are done. Many of those sites asks you your blog/site address and give you the code to paste into your blog/site and many of them ask you to fill up a form to register to their sites...

Here is a list of the links that you can visit and implement a Online Users Counter. It is very easy process to implement this.

Implementing Online Users Counter :

To implement Online User Counter just visit . Webpage gets open and then type in your blog/site address where you want online users counter and then click "Get code" button. Then simply copy and paste the code into your blog where you need online users counter. Don't modify the code otherwise code won't work correctly and sometimes it may violate the terms and conditions.


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