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Today while surfing i got tutorial on How to install Snow leopard on pc from Taranfx. He wrote many other Posts on Snow leopard checkout them also.

Psystar’s newest product called Rebel EFI, allows users to install Snow Leopard on PC seamlessly. .The product assures that it takes over the osx86 solution much more efficiently by giving proper drivers for all the common Intel hardware. This procedure is much more easier than OSx86 and Hackintosh. ..

Free trial here: Download Rebel EFI
The trial has 2 hours o limitation. After that you will have to register.

Warning: Try this at your own Risk. We take no claims/blames for the product. This post is only for educational purposes. Buy a genuine copy of Snow Leopard. And remember Apple doesn’t like Psystar.
PRICE: $49.99
Pre-Check: Make sure you confirm to this section before proceeding any further.

1). Processor Support :
  • AMD isn’t supported - To use Mac OS X Vanilla DVD it needs a Intel “Mac” closer system, like a Intel Core processor and Intel Chipset.
  • Intel Processors – Rebel EFI works with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i5, i7 and Xeon Nehalem CPUs to install any operating system. However, the older and low-end processors like Core Duo, Core Solo, Pentium processors don’t work with Snow Leopard.
2). Essential BIOS Settings :
    If when booting OS X your computer hangs at a screen with the Apple logo and a “no smoking” sign, you may have an issue with a BIOS Setting. To rectify this, follow these procedures
  • Advanced BIOS Features :
    • HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability [Enabled]
    • CPU Enhanced Halt [Disabled]
    • CPU Thermal Monitor [Disabled]
    • CPU EIST Function [Disabled]
  • Integrated Pereprhals :
    • USB Keyboard Function [Enabled]
    • USB Mouse Function [Enabled]
    • Onboard SATA/IDE Device [AHCI]
  • Power Management Setup :
    • HPET Mode [64-bit Mode]

Step 1. Download the Rebel EFI file, available here: Rebel EFI, and Burn the file to a CD/DVD.

Step 2. Insert the Rebel EFI disc into your CD drive and restart your computer. As computer boots up select, Boot Options or Boot Menu Key.

Step 3. Select CD ROM, after CD loads press enter to run the CD.

Step 4. When prompted, Eject the CD and it will ask for the Snow Leopard DVD, Insert the Snow Leopard DVD and select your language. Click Continue followed by Agree for the Terms.

Step 5. Select the disk that you want to install Snow Leopard on.
a. If no disk shows, Click on Utilities on the tool bar, then select Disk Utilities.
b. On the left you should see your hard drive.
c. If not, a disk is not connected or cannot be read by your computer.
d. After selecting your hard drive click on Partition.
e. Under Volume Scheme, click current and select 1 partition.
f. Under Volume Information, name your hard drive.
g. Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
h. At the bottom of the window Click on the Options Button.
i. Select the GUID Partition Table
j. Click OK
k. Click Apply
l. Click Partition
m. Quit Disk Utilities

Step 6. Select the disk that you want to install Snow Leopard on, Click Install. Now wait while the installation complete. As the computer starts up, insert the Rebel EFI CD. As computer boots up select Boot Options or Boot Menu Key

Step 7. Select CD ROM, Once CD loads you will see both the Hard Disk and the Rebel EFI CD. Use the arrow keys to highlight the Hard Drive Press Enter to boot Hard drive.

Step 8. Launch the Rebel EFI application from the CD. Follow the on-screen authentication procedure, click Continue, Select your Keyboard, click Continue. Select, Do not transfer my information now, click continue.

If, you have and Apple ID enter it if not, Click Continue. Enter your Registration Information, click Continue

add account info and you are Done.
You should be running Snow Leopard.


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