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Lock your vehicle and pocket the keysAnti-theft tips

The majority of stolen vehicles are left unlocked, often with the keys in the ignition. Whether you leave it for a moment or for several hours, always lock it and take the keys with you. NEVER leave your vehicle with the engine running. This is an open invitation to the "joyrider"....

Secure Valuables and Parcels

Never leave unattended in your vehicle, cheque books, credit cards, or other such articles. Lock valuables in the trunk.

Park in Well-Lit and Busy Areas
This is important for both your personal safety and the protection of your automobile and its contents.

Secure Your Registration

Carry your vehicle registration with you.


Criminals have also found it profitable to steal equipment and accessories. Engraving tools are available to mark equipment and accessories such as batteries, stereos and hubcaps.


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