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Link popularity analysis is one of the best ways to measure your website’s popularity. There’s plenty of free tools to check your link popularity....

How popular is your website? Don’t waste your time by checking it manually. I will list a few of Free Backlink Checker I found. This Backlink Checker will show you how many other sites are linking to you. Most search engines use this data to calculate how popular your website is. The more links to you, the better your search engine rankings will be, of course if you got quality backlink. You can even provide some competitors’ URLs to compare your site to theirs.

This tools will generate your popularity result from : Yahoo link, Yahoo Linkdomain, Google, and Altavista

Will check your popularity in All the Web, Google, AOL, Yahoo!/AltaVista/Fast.

If you use this tools you may compare your page with your competitor.

Other ordinary backlink checker tool, with a superb result. This tools will show you 1000 result. And this tool also show Pagerank of backlink giving url, Outbound Links which means total external links found on backlink giving webpage. Any abnormal flag like nofollow tag used on your backlink. And Backlinkwatch tools will show the anchor text for your url.

This tools use SEOBooks script.
After list all your backlink, then if you think your backlink is not enough to win this Busby SEO Challenge.

Then I think you like to read this Linkbait tactics


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