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The 60s short mod hairstyles are the latest fad for people of all ages. You can have a complete makeover by getting these hairstyles made on yourself. These hairstyles re basically inspired from the geometrical hairstyles from 60s.

60s Mod Hairstyles Fashion for Short Hair


These classy hairstyles are lining their second youth these days. They have made a come back and are getting really popular for the extravagant hair makeovers for women of today. A new wave in the world of hairstyles has been brought by these hairstyles. This trend has been introduced by the famous mainstream style icons like Twiggy.

60s Mod Hairstyles Fashion for Women
This hairstyle basically favors the blunt shapes, geometric and sharp angles. These chick hairstyles can instantly spice up your look. The best part of these hairstyles is that it suits the all kinds of hair textures and face shapes.

60s Mod Short Hairstyles Fashion for Women
From round to square, thick to thin faces, classic 60s short mod hairstyles are perfect for people of all ages. You can have a doll like and feminine look with this hairstyle on your short hair. The beautiful features of your face are best highlighted with this hairstyle. You do not really need a high maintenance for this kind of hairstyle.

60s Mod Hairstyles Fashion for Women 2009
You can get a better look by accessorizing this hairstyle a bit. Dazzling accessories can make you glamorous and chick for a night out. Flaunt your short hair with panache for any occasion with this hairstyle. You can look your stunning best without putting in extra efforts and get a look of celebrity with this hairstyle. Get 60s short mod hairstyles made and create a new fashion mantra.



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