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Lifeboat #14 & Collapsible Lifeboat D


Lifeboat in water

Lifeboats on Titanic deck before disaster

Lifeboats on Titanic deck before disaster

Welin Davits holding Titanic Lifeboats

Welin Davits holding Titanic Lifeboats

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Boat 1
(emergency clipper or cutter) (launched 1:10 a.m.,fourth from starboard)
TOTAL LISTED: 12 UNACCOUNTED: 0FIRST CLASS: Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon, 49, England; Lady Lucille Wallace Sutherland Duff Gordon, 48, England; Miss Francatelli, Duff Gordon secretary; Mr. Abraham L. Salomon, New York; r. Charles Emil Henry Stengel, 54, New Jersey, wife on Boat 5. TOTAL: 5
CREW: Mr. Samuel Collins, fireman; Mr. Charles Hendrickson or Hendricksen, leading fireman; Mr. Albert Edward James Horswell or Horswill, seaman; Robert William Pusey, fireman; Mr. Shee, fireman; Mr. George Thomas Macdonald Symons, lookout, in charge; Mr. James Taylor, fireman. TOTAL: 7

(emergency clipper or cutter (launched 1:45 a.m., seventh from port, reached Carpathia 4:10 a.m., first rescued)
FIRST CLASS: Miss Elizabeth Walton Allen, 29, Missouri, Mrs. Robert’s niece and Miss Madill’s cousin; Mrs. Edward Dale (Charlotte Lamson) Appleton, 58, New York, Mrs. Cornell’s sister, sister Mrs. J. M. Brown on Boat D 9; Mrs. Robert Clifford (Molvina Helen Lamson) Cornell, 55, New York, Mrs. Appleton’s sister, sister Mrs. J. M. Brown on Boat D ; Mrs. Walter Donald (Mahala Dutton) Douglas, 48, Minnesota, husband lost; Miss (?) Amelia Kenchen, Robert maid; Miss LeRoy, Douglas maid; Miss Georgette Alexandra Madill, 15, Missouri, Miss Allen’s cousin; Mrs. Edward Scott (Elizabeth Walton McMillan) Robert, 43, Missouri, Miss Allen’s aunt; TOTAL: 8
SECOND CLASS:THIRD CLASS: Mrs. William (Minnie) Coutts, 36, England; Master William Leslie Coutts, 9, England; Master Neville Coutts, 3, England; Mr. Brahim Youssef; Mrs. Brahim (Hanne) Youssef; Miss Marian Youssef; Master Georges Youssef; Mr. Anton Kink, 29, Switzerland, sister (?) and brother (?) lost; Mrs. Anton (Louise Heilmann) Kink, 26, Switzerland; Miss Louise Gretchen Kink, 4, Switzerland; TOTAL: 10
CREW: Cmdr. Joseph Groves Boxhall, 28, fourth officer, in charge; Mr. James Johnson or Johnston,steward and night watchman; Mr. Frank Osman, 38, seaman; TOTAL: 3OTHERS, UNNAMED: a cook, according to Cmdr. Boxhall

(launched 1 a.m., third from starboard)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 40 TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mr. Harry Anderson, 47, New York; Miss Burns, Speddon nurse; Mrs. James Warburton Martinez (Charlotte Wardle Drake) Cardeza, 58, Pennsylvania; Mr. Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza, 36, Austria-Hungary; Mrs. Thornton (Orian Hays) Davidson, 27, Quebec, husband and father lost; Mr. Albert Adrian Dick, 31, Alberta; Mrs. Albert Adrian (Vera Gillespie) Dick, 17, Alberta; Mrs. William Thompson (Edith Junkins) Graham, 58, Connecticut, Lord says Boat 8; >Miss Margaret Edith Graham, 19, Connecticut; Miss (?) Anna Hard, Cardeza maid; Mr. Henry Sleeper Harper, 48, New York; Mrs. Henry Sleeper (Myra Haxtun) Harper, 49, New York;Hamad Hassah, Egypt, Harper dragoman; Mr. Walter James Hawksford, England; Mrs. Charles Melville (Clara Jennings Gregg) Hays, 52, husband lost, Quebec; Mr. Lesneur, Cardeza manservant; Miss Pericault, Hays maid; Mr. Adolphe Saalfeld, England; Miss Elizabeth W. Shutes, 40, New York, Graham governess; Col. Alfons Simonius-Blumer, 56, Switzerland; Mr. Frederic Oakley Speddon, 45, New York; rs. Frederic Oakley (Margaretta Corning Stone) Speddon, 40, New York; Master Robert Douglas Speddon, 3, New York; Dr. Max Staehlin, 32, Switzerland; Miss (?) Helen Wilson, Speddon maid; TOTAL: 25
SECOND CLASS:THIRD CLASS:CREW: Mr. C.D. McKay, steward (see Boat 11); Mr. George Moore, 51, seaman, in charge; Mr. C.H. Pascoe, seaman; TOTAL: 3
OTHERS, UNNAMED: five to 12 firemen

(launched 1:55 a.m., eighth from port, last big boat from port, tied up with Boats 10, 12, 14 and D, pulled a number of crewmen from water near ship, went with Boat 12 to rescue of Boat B)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 40TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mrs. John Jacob (Madeleine Talmadge Force) Astor, 19, New York, husband lost; Miss Bidois, Astor maid; Miss Grace Scott Bowen, 45, New York; Mrs. William Ernest (Lucile Polk) Carter, 36, Pennsylvania, husband on Boat C; Miss Lucile Polk Carter, 14, Pennsylvania; Master William Thornton Carter II, 10 -11, Pennsylvania; Miss (?) Chandowson,7 Ryerson maid; Mrs. Walter Miller (Virginia McDowell) Clark, 26, California, husband lost; Mrs. John Bradley (Florence Briggs Thayer) Cumings or Cummings, 38, New York, husband lost; Miss Caroline Louise Endres, New York; Miss Elizabeth Mussey Eustis, 53, Massachusetts; Miss (?) Margaret Fleming, Pennsylvania, Thayer maid;Mrs. Louis Albert (Ida Sophia Fischer) Hippach, 44, Illinois; Miss Jean Gertrude Hippach, 16, Illinois; Victorine Perkins, France, Ryerson maid; Mrs. Arthur Larned (Emily Maria Borie) Ryerson, 48, Pennsylvania, husband lost; Miss Suzette Parker Ryerson, 21, Pennsylvania, father lost; Miss Emily Borie Ryerson, 18, Pennsylvania, father lost; Master John Borie Ryerson, 13, Pennsylvania, father lost; Miss Serepeca, Carter maid; Mrs. Walter Bertram (Martha Eustis) Stephenson, 52, Pennsylvania; Mrs. John Borland (Marian Longstreth Morris) Thayer, 39, Pennsylvania, husband lost, son on Boat B; Mrs. George Dunton (Eleanor Elkins) Widener, 50, Pennsylvania, husband and son lost; TOTAL: 23SERVANTS: Widener maid; TOTAL: 1
THIRD CLASS: Mrs. Carl Oscar (Selma Augusta Johansson) Asplund, 38, Sweden, husband and sons ages 5, 9 and 13 lost; Miss Lillian Gertrude Asplund, 5, Sweden, father and three brothers lost; Master Carl Edvin Rojj Felix Asplund, 3, Sweden, father and three brothers lost; Mr. Daniel Buckley, 21, Ireland; Miss Jamila Nicola-Yarred, 14, Lebanon; Master Elias Nicola-Yarred, 12, Lebanon; TOTAL: 6
CREW: Mr. James Crimmins, fireman, pulled from water (?); Mr. Andrew Cunningham, 38, stateroom steward, pulled from water; Mr. Thomas Patrick. Dillon, trimmer, pulled from water; Mr. Jack Foley, storekeeper, pulled from water; Mr. Thomas Patrick Granger, greaser, pulled from water (?); Mr. Samuel S. Hemming or Hemmings, 43, seaman and lamp trimmer, pulled from water after swimming 200 yards (his estimate) with lifebelt; Mr. W.H. Lyons, seaman, pulled from water but died in boat;Mr. W. McCarthy, seaman; Mr. Sam Parks, seaman (appears on one of two available crew lists, but not as a survivor); Mr. Walter John Perkis, quartermaster, in charge; Mr. Frank W. Prentice, assistant storekeeper, pulled from water; Mr. Frederick Scott, greaser, pulled from water; Mr. S.C. Seibert, steward, pulled from water but died in boat; Mr. F. Smith, fireman, pulled from water (?); TOTAL: 12 (seven to 11 crewmen pulled from water; two died )
OTHERS, UNNAMED:a stowaway, identified as French; a baby in Miss Eustis’ care, according to Mrs. Stephenson ; a young woman and her baby.

(launched at 12:55 a.m., second boat from starboard,; tied up with Boat 7)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 41 / 40TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mr. Karl Howell Behr, 26, New York; Mr. Richard Leonard Beckwith, 37, New York; Mrs. Richard Leonard (Sallie Monypeny) Beckwith, 47, New York; Mr. Edward P. Calderhead, New York, later on Boat 7; Mrs. Henry Arthur (Genevieve Fosdick) Cassebeer Jr., New York; Mr. Norman Campbell Chambers, 27, New York; Mrs. Norman Campbell (Bertha Griggs) Chambers, 31, New York; Mrs. Edward Gifford (Catherine Elizabeth Halstead) Crosby, 69, Wisconsin, husband lost; Miss Harriet R. Crosby, 36, Wisconsin, father lost;Mrs. Washington (Ruth Vidaver) Dodge, California, later on Boat 7, husband on Boat 13; Master Washington Dodge, 4, California, later on Boat 7, father on Boat 13; Mr. John Irving Flynn, New York, later on Boat 7; Dr. Henry William Frauenthal, 49, New York, jumped into boat; Mrs. Henry William (Clara Heinsheimer) Frauenthal, New York; Mr. Isaac Gerald Frauenthal, 44, New York, jumped into boat; Miss Marguerite Frolicher, 22, Switzerland;Mr. Maximillian Frolicher-Stehli, 60, Switzerland; Mrs. Maximillian (Margaretha Emerentia Stehli) Frolicher-Stehli, 48, Switzerland; Mr. Samuel L. Goldenberg, 49, New York; Mrs. Samuel L. (Edwiga Grabowsko) Goldenberg, New York; Mr. George Achilles Harder, 25, New York; Mrs. George Achilles (Dorothy Annan) Harder, 21, New York; Mr. Edwin Nelson Kimball Jr., 42, Massachusetts; Mrs. Edwin Nelson (Gertrude Parsons) Kimball Jr., 40, Massachusetts;Miss Helen Monypeny Newsom, 19, New York; Miss Helen Raghnild Ostby, 22, Rhode Island, father lost; Mr. Spencer Victor Silverthorne, 36, Missouri; Mrs. Charles Emil Henry (Annie May Morris) Stengel, 43, New Jersey, husband on Boat 1; Mr. Elmer Zebley Taylor, 48, England; Mrs. Elmer Zebley (Juliet Cummins Wright) Taylor, England; Mrs. Frank Manley (Anna S. Atkinson) Warren, 60, Oregon, husband lost; TOTAL: 31SECOND CLASS:THIRD CLASS:CREW: Mr. C. Edwards steward (mentioned by Shapiro, but not denoted as survivor in his crew list; not denoted as survivor on other available list; also mentioned by Butler); Mr. Henry Samuel Etches, 40, first-class bedroom steward; Mr. E.J. Guy, steward; Mr. Paul Mauge, France, a la carte restaurant maitre d’, only survivor among staff, jumped into boat; Mr. Alfred Olliver, quartermaster; Cmdr. Herbert John Pitman, 34, third officer, in charge; Mr. Alfred Shiers, fireman; TOTAL: 7 (six crew total, according to Cmdr. Pitman )
OTHERS,UNNAMED: two stowaways identified as East Asian by Mr. Stengel ; a stewardess; a baby, according to Mr. Etches ;

(launched at 12:55 a.m., first from port, tied up with Boat 16)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 28 TOTAL LISTED: 22 UNACCOUNTED: 6
FIRST CLASS: Miss Barber, Cavendish maidc1; Mrs. James (Helene De Laudeniere Chaput) Baxter, 50, Quebec; Miss Elsie Edith Bowerman, 22, England; Mrs. James Joseph (Margaret "Molly" Tobin) Brown, 44, Colorado; rs. Edward (Helen Churchill Hungerford) Candee, 53, Washington, D.C. Mrs. Tyrell or Tyrrell William (Julia Florence Siegel) Cavendish, England, husband lost; Mrs. Edith Martha Chibnall, England; Mdme. Berthe de Villiers, Belgium; Mrs. Frederick Charles (Suzette Baxter) Douglas, 27, Quebec; Miss Icard, Stone maid; Mrs. Carl Johan (Sigrid Posse) Lindstrom, 55, Sweden;Mrs. Edgar Joseph (Leila Saks) Meyer, New York, husband lost; Miss Madeleine Newell, 31, Massachusetts, father lost; Miss Marjorie Newell, 23, Massachusetts, father lost; Miss Norton, England; Maj. Arthur Godfrey Peuchen, 52, Ontario; Mrs. Martin (Elizabeth L. Barrett) Rothschild, 54, New York, husband lost; Mrs. Lucien Philip (Mary Eloise Hughes) Smith, 18, West Virginia, husband lost; Mrs. William Augustus (Marie Eugenie) Spencer, France, husband lost; Mrs. George Nelson (Martha E. ) Stone, 63, Ohio; TOTAL: 20
SECOND CLASS:THIRD CLASS:CREW: Mr. Robert Hitchens or Hichens, 30, quartermaster, in charge, was at helm when ship hit iceberg; Mr. Frederick Fleet, 24-25, lookout, was in crow’s-nest at time of collision; TOTAL: 2 (complete)
OTHERS, UNNAMED: a stowaway, according to Maj. Peuchen ; a boy with an injured arm ordered in by Capt. Smith (possibly same as Peuchen’s stowaway); a fireman transferred later from Boat 16 to row

(launched 12:45 a.m., first away, tied up with Boat 5)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 28TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mr. Dickinson H. Bishop, 25, Michigan; Mrs. Dickinson H. (Helen Walton) Bishop, 19, Michigan; Mr. Henry Blank, 39, New Jersey; Mr. Paul Chevre, France; Mr. Robert Williams Daniel, 27, Pennsylvania; Mrs. Boulton (Olive Potter) Earnshaw, 23, Pennsylvania; Mrs. Alfred (Antoinette) Flegenheim, New York; Mrs. Leonard (Pauline C. Boeson) Gibson, 45, New York; Miss Dorothy Gibson, 22, New York; Mrs. Leo David (Blanche Strouse) Greenfield, 45, New York; Mr. William Bertram Greenfield, 23, New York;Miss Margaret Bechstein Hays, 24, New York; Mr. Pierre Marechal, France; Mr. James R. McGough, 36, Pennsylvania; Mr. Alfred Nourney (Baron von Drachstedt), 20, Germany; Mr. A. Fernand Omont, France; Mrs. Thomas (Lily Alexenia Wilson) Potter Jr. , 56, Pennsylvania; Mr. Frederic Kimber Seward, 34, New York; Mr. William Thompson Sloper, 28, Connecticut; Mr. John Pillsbury Snyder, 24, Minnesota, Butler lists in Boat 5; Mrs. John Pillsbury (Nelle Stevenson) Snyder, 23, Minnesota, Butler lists in Boat 5; Mr. Gilbert Milligan Tucker Jr., 31, New York; TOTAL: 22
SECOND CLASS:THIRD CLASS:CREW: Mr. George A. Hogg, lookout, in charge; Mr. Archie Jewell, lookout; Mr. W. Weller, seaman; TOTAL: 3

(launched 1:10 a.m., second from port)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 28 - 35 TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Miss (?) Albina Bazzani, Bucknell maid; Amelia Bessetti, White maid; Miss Ellen Bird, Straus maid; Miss Caroline Bonnell, 29, Ohio, Miss E. Bonnell’s niece; Miss Elizabeth Bonnell, 58, England, Miss C. Bonnell’s aunt; Mrs. William Robert (Emma Eliza Ward) Bucknell, 60, Pennsylvania; Miss Gladys Cherry, England, cousin to Countess of Rothes; Miss (?) Sarah Daniels, Allison maid; Mrs. Frederick R. (Marion) Kenyon, Connecticut, husband lost; Dr. Alice Farnham Leader, New York; Miss Maloney, Countess of Rothes maid; Mlle. Olivia, Penacso maid; Mrs. Thomas (Edith Warne) Pears, England, husband lost; Mrs. Victor de Satode (Josefa de Soto) Penasco, 17, Spain, husband lost; the Countess of Rothes (Noel Lucy Martha Dyer-Edwards), 27, England; Mrs. Frederick Joel (Margaret Welles Barron) Swift, 46, New York; Mrs. Emil (Tillie Mandelbaum) Taussig, 39, New York, husband lost; Miss Ruth Taussig, 18, New York, father lost; Mrs. J. Stuart (Ella Holmes) White, 55, New York; Mrs. George Dennick (Mary Hitchcock) Wick, 45, Ohio, husband lost; Miss Mary Natalie Wick, 31, Ohio; Miss Constance Willard, 20, Minnesota; Miss Marie Grice Young, 36, New York and Washington, D. C.; TOTAL: 23
SECOND CLASS:THIRD CLASS:CREW: Mr. Alfred Crawford, 41, first-class bedroom steward; Mr. Thomas Jones, seaman, in charge; TOTAL: 2 (four crew in all, according to Mr. Crawford )OTHERS, UNNAMED: a cook ; another seaman ;NOTES: Gracie lists steward Hart on this boat according to Mr. Jones’ testimony, but Lord puts him in Boat 15;

(launched 1:20 a.m., fifth from starboard)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 56TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mrs. Leontine Pauline Aubert, France; Mrs. Jacques (May Peel) Futrelle, 35, Massachusetts, husband lost; Mrs. Ernest H. (Elizabeth Lindsey James) Lines, 50, France; Miss Mary Conover Lines, 16, France; Mlle. Segesser, Aubert maid; TOTAL: 5
SECOND CLASS: Miss Kate Buss, 36, England; Mr. Sydney C. Stuart Collett, 24, England; Mrs. Samuel (Jane Laver) Herman, 48, England, husband lost; Miss Alice Herman, 24, England; Miss Kate Herman, 24, England; Miss Ellen Toomey, 50, Indiana; Mrs. William H. (Jessie L.) Trout, Ohio; Mrs. James (Bessie Inglis Milne) Watt, 40, Scotland; Miss Bertha Watt, 12, Scotland; Mr. Charles Wilhelms, 32, England; Miss Marion Wright, 26, England; TOTAL: 11
THIRD CLASS:CREW: Mr. Albert Haines, boatswain’s mate, in charge; Mr. George "Scooch" Kemish, fireman; Mr. James R. "Paddy" McGough, seaman, deckhand; Mr. W. C. Peters, seaman; Mr. William Ward, second-class saloon steward; Mr. James G. Widgery, second-class bath steward; Mr. Walter Wynne , quartermaster; TOTAL: 7

(launched 1:20 a.m., third from port, tied up with Boats 4, 12, 14 and D)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 55 TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Miss Kornelia Theodosia Andrews, 63, New York, Mrs. Hogeboom’s sister and Miss Longley’s aunt; Mrs. Mark (Mary McDougald) Fortune, 60, Manitoba, husband and son lost; Miss Ethel Flora Fortune, 28, Manitoba, father and brother lost; Miss Alice Elizabeth Fortune, 24, Manitoba, father and brother lost; Miss Mabel Fortune, 23, Manitoba, father and brother lost; Mrs. John C. (Anna Andrews) Hogeboom, 51, New York, Miss Andrews’ sister and Miss Longley’s aunt; Miss Gretchen Fiske Longley, 21, New York, Miss Andrews’ and Mrs. Hogeboom’s niece; TOTAL: 7
SECOND CLASS: Mr. Masafumi Hosono, 41, Japan; Miss Nora A. Keane, Pennsylvania; TOTAL: 2
THIRD CLASS:CREW: Mr. Edward John Buley, seaman, in charge, transferred to Boat 14; Mr. William Burke, first-class dining saloon steward; Mr. Frank Oliver Evans, 27, seaman, transferred to Boat 14; Mr. C. Rice, fireman; TOTAL: 4OTHERS, UNNAMED: a stowaway, possibly East Asian ; a male passenger who jumped from deck (possibly Mr. Hosono, formerly thought to have been in Boat 13); a steward ;

(launched 1:25 a.m., sixth from starboard)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT:70 TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Master Hudson Trevor Allison, 11 months, Quebec, parents and sister lost; Miss (?) Alice Cleaver, England, Allison nurse; Mr. Philip E. Mock, New York, Mrs. Schabert’s brother; Miss Edith Louise Rosenbaum or Russell, 33, France; Mrs. Paul (Emma Mock) Schabert, New York, Mr. Mock’s sister; TOTAL: 5
SECOND CLASS: Mrs. Allen Oliver (Nellie E. Baumgardner) Becker, 36, India to Michigan, daughter Ruth on Boat 13; Miss Marion Louise Becker, 4, India to Michigan; Master Richard F. Becker, 1, India to Michigan; Miss Mildred Brown, 24, England; Miss Nina Harper, 6, England, Miss Leitch’s niece, minister father lost; Miss Jessie Leitch, England, Miss Harper’s aunt; Mrs. Elizabeth Ramell Nye, 29, England; Mrs. Frederick C. (Jane Richards) Quick, 33, England; Miss Winifred Vera Quick, 8, England; Miss Phyllis May Quick, 2, England; Miss Maude Sincock, 20, England; TOTAL: 11
THIRD CLASS: Master Philip Aks, 10 months, England, mother on Boat 13; TOTAL: 1
CREW: Mr. W. Brice, seaman; Mr. S. Humphreys or Humphries, quartermaster, in charge; Mr. Charles Donald Mackay, bath steward, (see Boat 3); Mr. A. McMicken or McMichen, steward; Mrs. Annie Robinson, first-class stewardess; Mrs. Maude Slocombe, masseuse; Mr. A. Thissinger or Thessenger or Thussinger, steward; Mr. Joseph Thomas Wheate or Wheat, second-class assistant steward; Mr. Edward Wheelton, first-class saloon steward; TOTAL: 9OTHERS, UNNAMED: a fireman ;

(launched 1:25 a.m., fourth from port, tied up with Boats 4, 10, 14 and D, went with Boat 4 to rescue of Boat B, last to reach Carpathia)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 43 (71 at end with transfers)TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED:
FIRST CLASS:SECOND CLASS: Mrs. Samuel (Anna) Abelson, 28, Russia, husband lost; Miss Lillian W. Bentham, 19, New York; Miss Dagmar Bryhl, 20, Sweden; Miss Asuncion Duran y More, Spain; Miss Florentina Duran y More, Spain; Mrs. Lutie Davis Parrish, 50, Kentucky (Gracie says Boat 10, apparently mistaken); Miss Alice Phillips, 42, England, father lost; Miss Emily Rugg, 21, England; Mrs. William (Imanita) Shelly, 25, Montana (Gracie says Boat 10, apparently mistaken); Mrs. John James (Florence Louise Long) Ware, 28, England, husband lost; TOTAL: 10
THIRD CLASS: Mrs. Bertram (Eva "Ettie") Dean, 33, England, husband lost; Master Bertram Vere Dean, 1, England, father lost; Miss Elizabeth Gladys "Millvina" Dean, 2 months, England, father lost; Mrs. Percival (Florence Kate White) Thorneycroft, 32, England, husband lost; TOTAL: 4CREW: Mr. Frederick Clench or Clinch, seaman; Mr. John Poingdestre, seaman, in charge. TOTAL: 2 (only two in all, according to Mr. Clench )
OTHERS, UNNAMED: a male passenger who jumped from deck, identified as French ;NOTES: Seaman Lucas and two firemen transferred from Boat D ;

(launched 1:25 a.m. or 1:35 a.m., seventh from starboard; nearly swamped by large stream of water from condenser, then narrowly escaped from under Boat 15 during launch)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 64TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Dr. Washington Dodge, California, only first-class passenger aboard, wife and son on Boat 5, then 7. TOTAL: 1
SECOND CLASS: Miss Ruth Elizabeth Becker, 12, India to Michigan, mother and siblings on Boat 11; Mr. Lawrence Beesley, 34, England; Mr. Albert Francis Caldwell, 26, Illinois; Mrs. Albert Francis (Sylvia Mae Harbaugh) Caldwell, 26, Illinois; Master Alden Gates Caldwell, 10 months, Illinois; Miss Mary Davis, 28, England; Mrs. Mary D. Hewlett, India to South Dakota; Mrs. Elizabeth Hocking,D 53, England, Mrs. Richards’ mother, grown son lost; Miss Ellen "Nellie" Hocking, 21, England, Mrs. Richards’ sister, brother lost; Mrs. Sidney (Emily Hocking) Richards, 25, England, Mrs. Hocking’s daughter and Miss Hocking’s sister, brother lost; Master William Rowe Richards, 3, England, uncle lost; Master George Sidney Richards, 10 months, England, uncle lost; Miss Hilda Mary Slayter, 30, Nova Scotia; TOTAL: 13
THIRD CLASS: Mrs. Sam (Leah Rosen) Aks, 18, England, baby son on Boat 11; Miss Bridget Delia Bradley, 18, Ireland; Mrs. William Joseph (Anna) De Messemacker, 36, Montana, husband on Boat 15; Miss Elizabeth Dowdell, 30, New Jersey; Miss Virginia Ethel Emanuel, 5, New York; Miss Mary Agatha Glynn, Ireland; Miss Hilda Maria Hellstrom, 22, Sweden; Mr. Bernt Johannesen-Bratthammer, 32, Norway; Mr. Oskar L. Johanson, 26, residence unknown; Mr. Einar Gervasius Karlsson, 21, Sweden; Miss Aurora Adelia Landergren, 22, Sweden; Mr. Frithiof Madsen, 22, Norway; Miss Helmina Josefina Nilsson, 26, Sweden; Master Arthur Olsen, 9, Norway, father lost; Mrs. Hjalmar (Agnes Charlotta Bengtsson) Sandstrom, 24, Sweden; Miss Marguerite Rut Sandstrom, 4, Sweden; Miss Beatrice Irene Sandstrom, 1, Sweden; Miss Julia Smyth, 20, Ireland; Mr. Johan Cervin Svensson, 14, Sweden; TOTAL: 19 CREW: Mr. Frederick Barrett, lead fireman, in charge; Mr. George William Beauchamp, fireman; Mr. Reginald Robinson Lee, lookout, in crow’s-nest when ship struck iceberg; Mr. William "Wally" Major, fireman; Mr. Frederick Dent Ray, 33, first-class saloon steward; Mr. Walter Williams, second-class steward; Mr. W. Wright, steward; TOTAL: 7
OTHERS, UNNAMED: two firemen ; a baker ;

(launched 1:30 a.m., fifth from port,7 tied up with Boats 4, 10, 12 and D; only boat among 17 to return to wreck site, pulled four from water but not all survived, picked up survivors from swamped Boat A)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 60TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mrs. Alexander Taylor (Mary Eliza Ingersoll) Compton, 64, New Jersey, son lost; Miss Sara Rebecca Compton, 39, brother lost, New Jersey; Mr. William F. Hoyt, New York, pulled from water, died within minutes; Miss Daisy E. Minahan, 33, Wisconsin; Mrs. William Edward (Lillian E. Thorpe) Minahan, 37, Wisconsin, husband lost; TOTAL: 4
SECOND CLASS: Mrs. Thomas William Soloman (Elizabeth C.) Brown, 40, South Africa, husband lost; Miss Edith E. Brown, 15-16, South Africa, father lost; Mrs. Charles V. (Ada Maria) Clarke, 28, England, husband lost; Mrs. Harvey (Charlotte Tate) Collyer, 31, England, husband lost; Miss Marjory or Marjorie Collyer, 8, England, father lost; Miss Selena Rogers Cook, 22, Pennsylvania; Mrs. Benjamin (Esther) Hart, 45, England, husband lost; Miss Eva Miriam Hart, 7, England, father lost; Mrs. Amelia Lamore, 34, Illinois, later on Boat D; Mrs. Charles Alexander (Alice Adelaide) Louch, England, husband lost; Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Mellenger, 41, England, later on Boat 12; Miss Madeleine Violet Mellenger, 13, England, later on Boat 12; Mr. Charles Eugene Williams, England, allowed in to row ; TOTAL: 13
THIRD CLASS: Mr. Edward Ryan, Ireland; Mrs. Alexander (Thelma) Thomas, 16, Lebanon to Pennsylvania; Master Assed Alexander Thomas, 5 months, Lebanon to Pennsylvania; TOTAL: 3CREW: Mr. George Frederick Crowe, 30, dining saloon steward; Cmdr. Harold Godfrey Lowe, 28, fifth officer, in charge; Mr. Frank Herbert Morris, bath or saloon steward; Mr. Joseph Scarrott, seaman; Mr. John "Jack" Stewart, first-class steward, pulled from water; TOTAL: 5
OTHERS, UNNAMED: a stowaway disguised as woman, according to Cmdr. Lowe; an East Asian male passenger pulled from water ;

launched 1:35 a.m., eighth from starboard, nearly lowered atop Boat 13)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 70TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mr. George Arthur Brayton, California; Mr. Harry Haven or Homer, 35, Indiana; Mr. Charles Hallis Romaine, New York; TOTAL: 3
SECOND CLASS: Mr. August Abrahamsson, 20, Finland; TOTAL: 1
THIRD CLASS: Mr. Charles Edward Dahl, 45, Australia; Mr. William Joseph De Messemacker, 36, Montana, wife on Boat 13; Mrs. Pekka Pietari (Elin Dolk) Hakkarainen, 24, Finland, husband lost; Mrs. Oscar W. (Alice Berg) Johnson, 27, Illinois; Master Harold Theodor Johnson, 4, Illinois; Miss Eleanor Ileen Johnson, 1, Illinois; Mr. Eino William Lindqvist, 20, Finland; Mr. Karl Albert Midtsjo, 21, Norway; TOTAL: 8CREW: Mr. George Cavell, trimmer; Mr. L. Diamond, fireman, in charge; Mr. John Edward Hart, third-class steward (Gracie also says Boat 8); Mr. Samuel James Rule, bath steward; Mr. W. H. Taylor, fireman; TOTAL: 5 (13 in all, according to Gracie)
OTHERS, UNNAMED: two Swedish girls;

(launched 1:35 a.m., sixth from port, tied up with Boat 6)CAPACITY: 65 TOTAL IN BOAT: 56TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS:SECOND CLASS: Miss Edwina Celia Troutt, 27, Ohio; TOTAL: 1
THIRD CLASS: Miss Anna Karen Abelseth, 16, Norway, brother on Boat A, three relatives lost; TOTAL: 1CREW: Mr. C. E. Andrews, assistant steward; Mr. Ernest Archer, seaman; Mr. H. Bailey, master-at-arms, in charge; Miss Violet Constance Jessop, 25, stewardess; Mrs. Elizabeth Leather, stewardess; TOTAL: 5
OTHERS, UNNAMED: a baby left in Miss Jessop’s charge; a stewardess; a fireman, according to Mr. Andrews; a woman who lost her husband and two sons; a baby left in the care of Miss Troutt;

(last boat from starboard, floated off swamped without sides raised; survivors rescued by Boat 14) CAPACITY: 47 TOTAL IN BOAT: 12 of about 30 surviveTOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mr. Thomson Beattie, 36, Manitoba, died in boat; Mr. Peter Denis Daly, New York and Peru; Mr. George Lucien Rheims, New York and France, brother-in-law lost; Mr. Richard Norris Williams II, 21, Switzerland; TOTAL: 3
SECOND CLASS:THIRD CLASS: Mrs. Stanton (Rosa) Abbott, 35, Rhode Island; Mr. Olaus Abelseth, 25-26, Norway, sister on Boat 16, three relatives lost; Mr. Carl Olof Jansson, 21, Sweden; Mr. Carl Jonsson, 32, Illinois; Mr. Edvard Bengtsson Lindell, 30, Sweden, died in boat, wife died while clinging to side; Mr. Gunnar Isidor Tenglin, 25, Sweden; Mr. William Henry Tornquist, 25, Sweden; Mr. August Edvard Wennerstrom, 27, Sweden; TOTAL: 7CREW: Mr. Edward Brown, first-class saloon steward; Mr. John or James Thompson, fireman; TOTAL: 2
OTHERS, UNNAMED: a boy with a name that sounded like "volunteer," according to Mr. Abelseth; two or three crew who died during the night;NOTES: two unidentified bodies, one a seaman, left in boat;

(last boat from port, floated off upside down, survivors rescued by Boats 4 and 12) CAPACITY: 47 TOTAL IN BOAT: 20-30TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mr. Algernon H. Barkworth, England; Col. Archibald Gracie IV, 54, Washington, D.C., to Boat 12; John Borland "Jack" Thayer Jr., 16-17, Pennsylvania, to Boat 12, father lost, mother on Boat 4; TOTAL: 3
SECOND CLASS: Mr. William John Mellor, 19, England (Gracie says Boat A); TOTAL: 1
THIRD CLASS: Mr. Eugene Daly, 29, Ireland; Mr. Edward Arthur Dorkings, 19, England; Mr. Thomas J. McCormack, 19, New Jersey; Mr. Albert Johan Moss, 29, Norway; Mr. Patrick O’Keefe, 22, Ireland; Mr. Oscar Johansson Olsson, 32, residence unknown; Mr. Victor Francis Sunderland, 19, England; TOTAL: 7
CREW: Mr. Ernest Allan or Allen, fireman; Mr. Harold Sydney Bride, 22, junior wireless operator; Mr. John Collins, 17, first-class assistant cook, tried to save baby; Mr. Sydney Daniels, 18, steward (?); Mr. J. Hagen, steward (?); Mr. Walter "Wally" Hurst, greaser or fireman, father William C. J. Hurst, fireman, lost; Mr. Charles Joughin, chief baker, to Boat 4; Cmdr. Charles Herbert Lightoller, 38, second officer, to Boat 12; Mr. John Maynard, assistant cook; Mr. James McGann,fireman; Mr. John George "Jack" Phillips, 25, senior wireless operator, died during night; Mr. Harry Senior, fireman; Mr. Thomas Whiteley, steward, broke leg; TOTAL: 12
NOTES: Mr. Thayer estimated about 20 firemen were aboard, but this seems unlikely considering the number of other crew in addition to the passengers

(launched 1:40 a.m.,7 ninth and last boat lowered from starboard7) CAPACITY: 47 TOTAL IN BOAT: 39, 42TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Mr. William Ernest Carter, 36, Pennsylvania, wife and children on Boat 4; Mr. Joseph Bruce Ismay, 49, England, White Star Line managing director; TOTAL: 2
SECOND CLASS:THIRD CLASS: Mrs. Mariana Assaf, Ontario; Miss Margaret Devaney, 19, Ireland; Mrs. Frank John (Emily A. Brown) Goldsmith, England, husband lost; Master Frank John William Goldsmith, 9, England, father lost; Mr. Ling Hee, Hong Kong; Miss May Howard, England; Miss Emily Elsie Stanley, 24, England; Mrs. Darwin (Anna Razi) Touma or Thomas, 27, Syria; Miss Hanna Touma or Thomas, 9, Syria; Master George Touma or Thomas, 7, Syria; TOTAL: 10
CREW: Mr. Albert or Alfred Victor Pearcey, third-class pantryman; Mr. George Thomas Rowe, quartermaster, in charge; Mr. August A.H. Weikman, barber; TOTAL: 3OTHERS, UNNAMED: three firemen ; four stowaways, identified by Boxall as East Asian ("Filipino"), and a foreigner "who did not speak English";

(launched 2:05 a.m.,7 ninth from port, last boat lowered)CAPACITY: 47 TOTAL IN BOAT: 44TOTAL LISTED: XX UNACCOUNTED: XX
FIRST CLASS: Lt. Mauritz Hakan Bjornstrom-Steffanson, 28, Sweden, jumped into boat; Mrs. John Murray (Caroline Lane Lamson) Brown, 59, Massachusetts, sisters Mrs. E. D. Appleton and Mrs. R.C. Cornell on Boat 2; Mrs. Henry Birkhardt (Irene Wallach) Harris, 36, New York, husband lost; Mr. Frederick Maxfield Hoyt, 38, New York, swam to boat; Mrs. Frederick Maxfield (Jane Ann Forby) Hoyt, 35, New York; Mrs. Gertrude Maybelle Thorne, New York; Mr. Hugh Woolner, England, jumped into boat; TOTAL: 7
SECOND CLASS: Master Michel M. Navatril, 3-4, France, father lost; Master Edmond Roger Navatril, 2, France, father lost; TOTAL: 2THIRD CLASS: Mr. Joseph Duquemin, 24, England, stowaway ; Miss Mary Kelly, 24, Ireland; TOTAL: 2CREW: Mr. Arthur John Bright, quartermaster, in charge; Mr. John Hardy,6 second-class chief steward; Mr. William Lucas, seaman, later on Boat 12; TOTAL: 3OTHERS, UNNAMED: a group of Syrian women, some with babies;
OTHER SURVIVORS (boat numbers unavailable)FIRST CLASS: Mrs. Herbert Fuller (Carrie Toogood) Chaffee, 47, North Dakota, husband lost; Mrs. Alexander Oskar (Mary Alice Towner) Holverson, 35, New York, husband lost; Mrs. Daniel Warner (Mary Graham Carmichael Farqhuarson) Marvin, New York, husband lost; Mrs. William Baird (Alice Munger) Silvey, 39, Minnesota, husband lost; TOTAL: 4SECOND CLASS: Mrs. William A. (Florence) Angle, 32, England; Mrs. Ada E. Hall Balls, 36, England; Mr. Edward Beane, 32, England; Mrs. Edward (Ethel Clarke) Beane, 19, England; Mrs. Carolina Bystrom, 42, New York; Miss Clear Cameron, 31, New York; Mrs. Alice Frances Christy, England; Miss Julie Christy, England; Mrs. Agnes Davis, 49, England; Master John Morgan Davis, 8, England; Mrs. Sebastian (Argenia Genovese) Del Carlo, 22, Italy, husband lost; Mrs. Ada Doling, 32, England; Miss Elsie Doling, 18, England;Mrs. James Vivian (Lulu Thorne Christian) Drew, 34, New York, Master Drew’s aunt, husband lost; Master Marshall Brines Drew, 8, New York, Mrs. Drew’s nephew, uncle lost; Miss Ethel Garside, 24, New York; Mrs. William (Anna) Hamalainen, 23, Michigan; Master Viljo Hamalainen, 1, Michigan; Mr. George Harris, 30, England; Mrs. Stephen (Annie Margaret) Hold, 36, England, husband lost; Miss Bertha Ilett, 17, England; Mrs. Sidney Samuel (Amy Frances Christy) Jacobsohn, England, husband lost; Mrs. Amin S. (Marie Thuillard) Jerwan, 23, New York; Mrs. Sinai (Miriam Sternim) Kantor, Russia, husband lost; Mrs. Florence "Fannie" Kelly, 45, England; Mrs. Joseph (Juliette) LaRouche, 22, France, husband lost; Miss Simonne LaRouche, 3, France, father lost; Miss Louise LaRouche, 1, France, father lost; Miss Bertha Lehmann, Switzerland; Mrs. Albert (Antoinette) Mallet, France, husband lost; Mrs. Kate Louise Phillips Marshall, 19, England; Mrs. Nicholas (Adele) Nasser or Nasrallah, 18, New York, husband lost; Mr. Percy Thomas Oxenham, 22, England; Mr. Julian Padro y Manent, Spain; Mr. Emilio Pallas y Castello, Spain; Miss Rosa Pinsky, 32, Russia; Mr. Emilio Portaluppi, New Hampshire; Mrs. Peter Henry (Lillian Jeffreys) Renouf, 30, New Jersey, husband lost; Mrs. Encarnacion Reynaldo, 28, Spain; Miss Lucy Ridsdale, 50, Wisconsin;Miss Lyyli Silven, 18, Finland; Miss Anna Siukonnen, 30, Finland; Miss Marion Smith, residence unknown; Miss Nellie Walcroft, 35, New York; Miss Susan Webber, 36, England; Mrs. Leopold (Mathilda) Weisz, 32, England, husband lost; Mrs. Arthur H. (Addie Trevaskis) Wells, 29, England; Miss Joan Wells, 4, England; Master Ralph Lester Wells, 2, England; Mrs. Edwy Arthur (Ada Mary) West, England, husband lost; Miss Barbara J. West, England; Miss Constance Miriam West, England; Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson (Mrs. Lizzie Faunthorpe), England; TOTAL: 53THIRD CLASS: Mrs. Joseph (Sophie Easu) Abraham, 18, Pennsylvania; Mrs. Karl Alfred (Maria Mathilda Gustafsson) Backstrom, 33, Finland, husband lost; Mrs. Solomon (Latifa) Baclini, 24, Syria; Miss Eugenie Baclini, 3, Syria; Miss Helene Baclini, Syria; Miss Maria Baclini, Syria; Miss Emily Louisa Badman, 18, England; Miss Ayout Banoura, 15, Syria; Mr. Lee Bing, 32, Hong Kong; Miss Helen Carr, 16, Ireland; Mr. Nassef Belmenly Cassem, Syria; Mr. Gurshon "Gus" Cohen, 19, England; Miss Kate Connolly, 22, Ireland; Miss Laura Alice Cribb, 17, England, father lost; Miss Marcella Daly, 30, Ireland; Mrs. Thomas Henry (Mary Finck) Davison, England, husband lost; Mr. Theo De Mulder, 30, Belgium; Miss Jennie Drapkin, 23, England; Miss Bridget Driscoll, 24, Ireland; Mrs. Adolf Fredrik (Anna Elizabeth Judith Anderson) Dyker, 22, Connecticut, husband lost; Mr. Luigi Finoli, Italy; Mrs. Shahini Weappi Georges, Ohio; Miss Katie Gilnagh, 16, Ireland; Mrs. Peter Claus (Jennie L. Howard) Hansen, 45, Wisconsin, husband lost; Miss Nora Healy, Ireland; Mr. Oscar Headman, 27, South Dakota; Miss Laina Heikkinen, 26, Finland; Mrs. Alexander (Helga E. ) Hirvonen, 22, Finland; Miss Hilder E. Hirvonen, 2, Finland; Miss Eluna Honkanen, 27, Finland; Mr. Abraham Hyman, 34, England;Miss Carla Christine Jensen, 19, Denmark, father (?) and two brothers (?) lost; Miss Annie Jermyn, 22, Ireland; Mr. Erik Jussila, 32, Finland; Mr. Franz Karun, 39, Illinois; Miss Anna Karun, 4, Austria to Illinois; Miss Annie Kate Kelly, Ireland; Mr. John Kennedy, 24, Ireland; Mr. Neshan Krekorian, 25, Turkey; Mr. Ali Lam, 38, Hong Kong; Mr. Fang Lang, 26, Hong Kong; Mr. Farnham Leeni, residence unknown; Mr. Nicola Lulich, 27, Austria; Miss Olga Elida Lundin, 23, Connecticut; Mr. Thure Edvin Lundstrom, 32, Sweden; Miss Margaret Madigan, 21, Ireland; Mr. Hanna Mamee, residence unknown; Miss Margaret Mannion, 24, Ireland; Mrs. Fatima Masselmany, 17, Michigan; Miss Katie McCarthy, 24, Ireland; Miss Agnes McCoy, 28, Ireland; Miss Alice McCoy, 22, Ireland; Mr. Bernard McCoy, 21, Ireland; Miss Delia McDermott, Ireland; Mrs. Hugh (Mary) McGovern, New York; Miss Annie McGowan, 15, Ireland; Miss Helen Mary Mocklare, 23, Ireland;Mrs. Bella Moor, 27, Russia; Master Meyer Moor, 6, Russia; Miss Bertha Moran, 28, New York; Mr. Hanna "John" Moubarek or Borak, Syria; Mrs. George (Amenia) Moubarek, 26, Lebanon; Master George Moubarek, 7, Lebanon; Master William George Moubarek, 3, Lebanon; Mrs. Mantoura Baloics Moussa, Syria; Miss Katie Mullins, 19, Ireland; Miss Bertha E. Mulvihill, Rhode Island; Miss Katherine Murphy, Ireland; Miss Margaret Murphy, Ireland; Miss Nora Murphy, 28, Ireland; Mr. Said Nackid, 20, Syria; Mrs. Said (Mary Mowad) Nackid, 19, Syria; Miss Maria Nackid, 1, Syria; Miss Adele Kiamie Najib, residence unknown; Miss Berta Olivia Nilsson, 18, Sweden; Miss Anna Nysten, 22, Sweden; Mrs. Thomas (Hannah Godfrey) O’Brien, 26, Ireland, husband lost; Miss Nellie O’Dwyer, 23, Ireland; Miss Velin Ohman, 22, Sweden; Miss Nora O’Leary, 17, Ireland; Miss Maria Osman, 31, Austria; Mr. Ernest Ulrik Persson, 25, Sweden; Mrs. Catherine Peter or Joseph, 24, Michigan; Master Michael J. Peter or Joseph, 4, Michigan; Miss Mary Peter or Joseph, 1, Michigan; Mr. Berk Pickard, originally Trembisky, 32, England;Miss Hannah Riordan, 20, Ireland; Miss Sarah Roth, 26, England; Miss Anna Salkjelsvik, 23, Norway; Mr. Jean Sheerlinck, 29, Belgium; Miss Ellen Shine, 20, Ireland; Miss Anna Sofia Sjoblom, 21, Finland; Mr. Jules Sop, 25, Belgium; Mr. Juhho Stranden, 31, Finland; Mr. Johan Julian Sundman, 44, Finland; Miss Anna Sofia Turja, 18, Sweden; Mrs. Hedvig Turkula, 65, Finland; Mr. David Vartunian, Turkey; Mrs. Ellen Wilkes, 45, England; Mr. Ivan Yalsevac, Austria; Mrs. Antoni (Celiney Alexander) Yasbeck, 15, Lebanon, husband lost; TOTAL: 101CREW: Mr. Walter Belford, chief night baker; Mrs. M. Bennett, 30, stewardess; Mr. Percival Albert Blake, trimmer; Mr. Reginald Charles Burgess, baker; Miss A. Caton, Turkish bath attendant; Mr. Joseph Chapman, steward; Mr. John Connor, fireman; Mrs. Kate Gold or Gould, stewardess; Mr. Percy Keane, or Keene, saloon steward (in Boat 5?); Mr. Arthur E. Lewis, steward; Miss Evelyn Marsden, 27, stewardess; Mrs. Annie Martin, stewardess; Mrs. H. McClaren, stewardess; Mr. William Nutbean, fireman; Mr. Harold Phillimore, steward; Mr. John Podesta, 24, fireman; Mr. Alfred Pugh, steward; Mr. H.J. Prior, steward; Mr. Frederick Sheath, trimmer; Mary or May Sloan or Sloane, stewardess; Miss T. E. Smith, stewardess; Mrs. S.A. Stap, cashier; Mr. Melville E. Stone, steward; Mr. Arthur Windebank, fireman (?); Mr. James Witter or Whitter, dining saloon steward; TOTAL: 25

Total Lifeboats Capacity: 1,158
Lives Saved In Lifeboats: 731
Lives Lost From Not Filling Lifeboats: 427

Titanic lifeboat pulling up to the Carpathia, 1912

Titanic's lifeboat # 6

Titanic's overturned lifeboat B

Carpathia & 4 Titanic lifeboats

Early morning hours of April 15th, 1912. Titanic lifeboats are brought onboard the Carpathia

Carpathia & Titanic's Lifeboats in NY, April 18, 1912

Titanic's lifeboats in New York

Hardtack Biscuit found from Titanic Lifeboat



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