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Day 1 : Ladakh to me is and will always remain a dream destination. As I look down from the window pane of my flight , I see a veil of clouds covering the Himalayas as the flight drops height. We were lucky to get a free upgrade to business class and luckier that we were the only ones in that class. For a moment I did not regret that I did not take the road from Manali to Leh. The views from the flight were breathtaking. Ive seen landscapes and clouds before, but this is unparalleled....


The flight drops further height tearing through the soft clusters of clouds and the mountains part ways . The sun shines through the mountains as the ridges get closer as they touch the sky. I gasp as the colours become visible. The rugged browns, the sheets of white, the blue sky and an emerald green lake. I am told to stop taking photographs as the plane is about to land. In a way I am relieved. I lose myself in the barren landscape as the flight touches down in Leh.



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