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Vizimag 3.19
Vizimag 3.19 | 3.67 MB
Vizimag for visualizing magnetic fields is simple to use electromagnetic modelling software giving an analysis and simulation of field lines and flux density. A fast alternative to finite element and boundary element software, Vizimag includes a meter function to measure and plot magnetic flux density.

Here are some key features of "Vizimag":

· Analysis meshes up to 400 X 400
· Simple relative units or full absolute units modes
· Meter read out of flux density with plot facility options including log axis and titles
· Export of flux density data and direction in spreadsheet compatible format
· Automatic saving of an analysis run
· bmp, gif and jpg clipboard formats
· Field plotting
· Field line and flux density displays
· Option to have wires enclosed in core material
· Models entered with a few mouse clicks
· Extensive model editing
· Graphical interface
· External fields
· Field line and flux density display
· 27 page tutorial included

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