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The diploma has different meanings in different education systems. Astudent going abroad for study must be clear about what exactly diploma means in his/her target country. Generally speaking, A diploma qualification is regarded at a lower rank as compared to a graduate qualification, though, in some cases, an Advanced Diploma qualification falls in between the two. Moreover in India Diploma is awarded in various proffesional and vocational courses and is regarded as lower than the Bachelor degree in the same decipline but is treated as equivalent to a general degree.

In US, Diploma refers to the actual documentation which is received by the student after higher education. But in Germany, Ukraine, etc diploma is often comparable to Masters and Bachelor’s degree. Diploma is regarded an addition to certify qualifications of the candidate. Likewise in UK, Higher natinal Diploma (HND) is regarded vey highly in terms of better job prospects and excellent career growth. Similarly Higher national certificate (HNC) at many European study destinations is regarded an excellent career choice.

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