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The Mounts of the Hands are those fleshy cushions found at the base of the four fingers and the thumb as well as at the percussion of the hand.  They are named after Greed/Roman Gods.  

The presence of the Mounts in the palm cannot be attributed to the development of muscular growth of  a person but due to the existence of hundreds of muscular terminals distributed all over the human palm and especially over and within the Mounts. 

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The minute observation of th3e development or otherwise of the Mounts is an important factor while understanding the potentialities of an individual and also the clues to his character and personality.

The following are the seven Mounts in the palm (1) The Mount of Jupiter below the index finger (2)

  • The Mount of Saturn - below the middle finger (3) The Mount of Apollo or Sun-below the ring finger (4) 
  • The Mount of Mercury - below the little finger (5) The Mount of Venus-below the thumb (6) 
  • The Mount of Moon or Luna - opposite to the Mount of Venus and little above the wrist (7) 
  • The Mount of Mars which is just below the Mount of Jupiter but inside the Line of life and the Upper Mount of Mars which lies between the Mount of Mercury and the Mount of Moon.

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