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Since last few years Indian science community is finding itself amid debates on brain drain. Often it’s said, the present economic scenario is also pulling the best brains of India toward management. Seeing the present scenario Dr CNR Rao stated that “Indian Science will be finished in the next five years “. However it’s the same Indian brains those have created milestones at foreign universities and the breakthroughs achieved by them has different story to tell.

Research is the out come of the queries of an enquiring mind. An enquiring mind is unstoppable on its path to find out the answers of the question it generates. A research in the field of Science or Humanities or technology has always been well supported and encouraged by both India and other popular destinations like US or UK. Particularly because of the infrastructure and scholarships available, dozens of foreign universities of US, UK and Germany have now become the honey pots for Indian Students.

The doctoral degree is designed to train research scholars and, in many cases, future college and university faculty members. At the doctoral level, the Ph.D (doctor of philosophy) is the most common degree awarded in academic disciplines. Other doctoral degrees are awarded primarily in professional fields, such as education (BEd.D. or doctor of education) and business administration (D.B.A. or doctor of business administration). Doctoral programs involve advanced coursework, seminars, and the writing of a dissertation that describes the student's own original research, completed under the supervision of a faculty adviser.

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