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Is this a mirage in the Middle East? Seemingly out of nowhere emerges a city in the middle of a desert. This is Dubai, a city that produces only the best modern architecture in the world. Already home of the world's tallest all-hotel building and the 2nd tallest all-residential building in the world, AND currently is building the world's tallest structure, this skyline might just leap to the number 1 spot in the near future !

Well, maybe not. Although there is a lot of hype around the city, experts agree it still lacks that certain mature socio-cultural infrastructure and a pattern to the skyline that gives a city that certain fingerprint. As a skyline it can't compete with the larger cities, however the individual buildings in this city are by far the greatest examples of modern architectural accomplishments. All 33 structures in this city over 200 metres tall were built in 1999 or later - that's how new this city is! 


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