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  1. For Undergraduate programmes: 10 + 2
  2. For Graduate programmes: 16 years of education required (10 + 2 + 4)
  3. Some institutions accept 15 years of formal education into their Bridge / Masters Programs
  4. Good & Strong academic background
  5. Good scores in entrance exams like SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, IELTS etc
  6. Strong recommendation letters
  7. Concise & informative statement of purpose / personal statement, essays & resumes
  8. Certificates of achievement & extra - curricular activity participation
  9. Strong financial background or good grades to get a scholarship

English Language Requirement

All international students must be fluent in English language if they wish to study in USA. TOEFL score of 90 and above for Postgraduate and 80 above for Undergraduate studies or IELTS score of 6 and above for Undergraduates and 6.5 and above for Postgraduates studies are generally required. There are more than 1500 institutions in USA which recognize the IELTS exams including several top ranked institutions.

Graduate Admission Tests

A good number of graduate schools require satisfactory scores on at least one academic admissions test, either a general aptitude test such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test or a demonstration of proficiency in your field (GRE Subject Test), or sometimes both.

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