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Today, France is considered to be the economic leader amongst the European Union countries. Therefore, by doing MBA in France you will be able to get excellent opportunity to know the international business scenario.
If you have an global mind and open to a multicultural world, looking for different approaches to acquire and develop technical, personal and professional knowledge in a multicultural environment; then you are the ideal candidate to come and study for anMBA in France.

Selection Criteria:
Generally French institutes ask for GMAT and IELTS /TOEFL scores for selection purposes.
The following are important management schools in France:
(1) The ENPC School of International Management
Paris - France
Please visit:
(2)Paris Dauphine - University of Quebec at Montreal (executive MBA)
(3)ISG International MBA

(4)ISG Executive MBA

(5)FNEGE International MBA (with Dauphine, Panthéon-Sorbonne, St Joseph)

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