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© Armin Hess, Isochrom

Coop Himmelb(l)au has designed a temporary mobile performance space for the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, Germany.  The pavilion will house performances during the annual Opera Festival  in 2010, and once that festival is over, the pavilion will be reassembled in various locations.  Designed to “give the impression of a quieter environment,” the pavilion reduces the apparent noise  to create a ‘zone of silence’ where visitors can sense a change in the soundscape.

More images and more about the pavilion after the break.

© Armin Hess, Isochrom

The pavilion’s form, and its material cladding, collects and deflects the sounds of the busy plaza.   The spatial structure acts as a ‘transformer’ that changes visitors’ perceptions and sensations of the soundscape and music on the plaza around the pavilion and inside the performance space.

untitkled© Armin Hess, Isochrom

© Markus Pillhofer

© Markus Pillhofer

© Markus Pillhofer

© Markus Pillhofer
© Markus Pillhofer

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Project Information

pavilion 21 mini opera space, munich, germany 2008 – 2010 (in planning)

client: the bavarian state opera munich, germany

floor area: 560 meters squared (gross area)

site area: 1.790 meters squared

net area: 430 meters squared

gross area: 560 meters squared

footprint: 560 meters squared

volume: 4.350 metes squared

height: 12.5m

length: 38.5m

width: 25.5m

project team:

design principal: wolf d. prix

project partner: paul kath

project architect: volker kilian

design architect: sophie grell

project team: martin jelinek, daniela krohnert, valerie messini, judith mussel,

martin neumann, renate weissenbock

models: sebastian buchta, paul hoszowski

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