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© Courtesy of OFIS

Architects: OFIS Arhitekti
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Directors in Charge: Rok Oman, Špela Videčnik
Project Team: Andrej Gregorič, Janez Martinčič, Janja Del Linz, Katja Aljaz, Anna Breda, Cristian Gheorghe, Kasia Bernatek, Magdalena Lacka
Project Area: 18,000 sqm + 8,000 sqm underground parking
Design Year: 2008-2010

© Courtesy of OFIS

The project is located in the prominent green residential area of Ljubljana just on the edge of city centre. The main request was to develop 100 quality housing units with terraces surrounded by green.

3 Islands- elevated terraced villas

The concept proposes three enclosed islands starting from layout of typical house with garden in the area.
© Courtesy of OFIS

Apartment village is formed from individual houses with gardens and furthermore imposed on top of each other. In this way, green parterre is elevated on the upper floors.
The islands are hexagonal shape, therefore there is no guidance, but floating in space.
typical floor plan
Housing units are arranged in 4 floors with inserted apartment volumes in between slabs.
The arrangement creates terraces between volumes and possibility for apartments to be opened on three or four sides.
sustainable section
The height of the islands lowers towards the south creating terraces and therefore offers light, views and sun to the living units.
Green area around buildings is formed with small hill-islands with threes and greenery.

Apartments-levelled houses

© Courtesy of OFIS

Since apartments have external entrances and are oriented on three or four sides they actually work like one family house with attached garden, lifted on different levels. Each family house unit has cross ventilated airy space and sun exposure.
Materials are wood, glass and concrete. Extensive green will be pre-planted on terrace edges.


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