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Species : Asplenium Trichomanes
Family : Aspleniaceae
Genus : Asplenium
Common names : Maidenhair Spleenwort Fern

This hardy evergreen fern grown in clusters is usually found on limestone but may also sometimes be found on other rocks. It somewhat resembles Northern Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum pedatum).Fronds of Spleenwort Fern

Spleenwort fern has sterile fronds 3-6 inches long that are flat and spread from the center. It has dark purple-brown, wiry stiff rachis (stem) and each front is divided into numerous pairs of oblong to oval pinnae (leaflets), toothed on the top and outer edge. The pinnae are perpendicular to the rachis and lie opposite to each other. The pinnae are about 5 mm wide and entire-margined below, but shallowly lobed toward the tip. Spores (sori) are borne in 1-4 clusters arranged along the veins on the underside of the pinnae, and are partially covered by the flap-like indusium.

It prefer well-drained, moist, limy loam in partial sun. It needs shade and excellent drainage. Propagation is done by spores or division.

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