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Living cost:

Almost all universities in of Switzerland provide lodgings upon student’s request. For this, reservation and lodging contract should be signed before students arrive in Switzerland.


According to the Swiss law, all the residents living in Switzerland are obliged to take insurance for health and insurance. The monthly insurance in a Swiss insurance company will cost around CHF200.
Your budget:

A student’s monthly budget amounts to approximately SFR 1,800: food and upkeep from SFR 800 to SFR 850, lodging SFR 400 to SFR 600, tuition fees and supplies, transportation, insurance (approximately SFR 250). Students should be aware that several payments fall due simultaneously at the onset of their studies, for example:
  • Firstterm health insurance payment
  • Firstsemester tuition fees
  • Firstrent payment, which often includes an obligatory security deposit
  • Foreign student medical exam bill
As such, you can anticipate a minimum cost of SFR 16,000 to SFR 24,000 per year, depending on where you study (Geneva and Zurich being considered as more expensive) and your standard of living.

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