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All students who want to study in Canada need to apply for a student authorization and obtain the written approval of a visa officer. To apply for an authorization you must:
  • Have a valid passport
  • Have a letter of acceptance from an educational institution
  • Have enough money to support yourself
  • Complete an application form and
  • Pay a fee
Student authorization: A student authorization is a form issued by an immigration officer. It allows students to take up academic, professional or vocational training courses at an approved university, college or university.
Cost of student visa: Generally, the student visa is priced at CAN$125, students are advised to check thee current cost from the Canadian embassy.

Basic requirements for student authorization

You must satisfy the visa officer that you meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations and that you will bein Canada for a temporary stay. You must also:
  • Satisfy a visa officer that you will be able to return to your country or be admitted to another country after your studies
  • Have been unconditionally accepted by an approved educational institution
  • Have enough money during your stay in Canada to pay for  
  • 1. Tuition fees2. Living expenses for yourself and3. Return transportation for yourself and accompanying     dependants
  • Be law abiding and have no record of criminal activity (you may be asked to provide a Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Not be a risk to the security of Canada
  • Produce any additional documents requested by the visa officer to establish your admissibility.
  • Complete a medical examination, if required and
  • Pay the fee


Will I need to attend an interview?

After reviewing your application, a visa officer will decide if an interview is necessary. If so, the visa officer will inform you of the time and place.

Will I or my accompanying dependants need a medical examination?

In some cases you will require a medical examination. A visa officer will decide on this and send instructions if a medical are required. It may add over three months to the processing of your application.

Can I work in Canada?

All international students may work on campus. Graduate or research work completed at facilities associated with your institution (such as hospitals) also meets the definition of "on-campus". In order to work off-campus, international students must obtain a work permit. This is granted if your employment is considered essential to your course of study.

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