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Fathers’ role in breastfeedingNeedless to say, the wife needs support from the family members to be able to breastfeed successfully. This support should be true and committed. One of the best persons to provide support is the husband.

This is how all fathers can help:

  •  Fathers can pitch in with childcare, so that the wife can rest.
  •  They can also help the wife by giving extra time and attention to the elder child.
  •  They can make their partners feel good about themselves by praising her job as a mother.
  •  Giving Support and Encouragement. Breastfeeding can be emotionally demanding, physically exhausting, and uncomfortable at times. Virtually, all new mothers experience doubts about their ability to care for a helpless newborn. Breastfeeding mothers harbour additional fears about the adequacy of their milk supply or the correctness of their breastfeeding technique, or their ability to overcome lactation problems.
  •  Fathers can play a key role in bolstering their breastfeeding partner's confidence by showering them with compliments, praising their efforts, and offering words of encouragement.
  •  Fathers should not doubt their wife's ability to provide enough milk for the baby.
  •  They should not feel embarrassed if she is feeding the baby outside home.
  •  In case the father smokes, he should not smoke in the baby’s presence.

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