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The main topics include:

¨ Java programming languages

¨ JavaBean, EJB, and Javaspace

¨ Java proxy and serialization

¨ Clustered EJB

¨ Supporting RMI over fast network protocols

¨ Supporting RMI over wireless protocols

¨ JVM, KVM, GC, and JIT

¨ Overviews of JMS and JXTA

¨ Java chip and compilation issues.

¨ Introduction to Intel IXP 1200 Network Processor

¨ Introduction to Intel IXP 2400 Network Processor

¨ Introduction to Intel IXP 2800 Network Processor

¨ Grid service over Network Processor.

¨ Support .Net remoting over InfiniBand.

¨ Support .Net remoting over Meta-clusters with Network Processors.

¨ CCA and OGSA.

¨ Parallel programming languages: OpenMP.

¨ Parallel Programming Tools, such as PVM and MPI.

¨ Multi-media languages: Brook, StreamC, Baker.

¨ Compiler optimization issues.

Languages and Softwares Used

C, C++, Java, C#, .NET, Fortran 90, HPF(High-Performance Fortran), PVM, MPI, Open MP

Reference Book

1. Building Scalable and High-Performance Java Web Applications Using J2EE Technology, Greg Barish, Addison Wesley, ISBN: 0-201-72956-3.
2. “Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime”, by John Gough, Prentice Hall, 2001.
3. Network Systems Design Using Network Processors, by Douglas E. Comer, Prentice Hall, 2003, ISBN: 0131417924
4. Intel Internet Exchange Architecture and Applications: A Practical Guide to Intel's Network Processors, by Bill Carlson, Intel Press, 2003, ISBN: 0970284632.
5. IXP1200 Programming, by Erik J. Johnson, and Aaron R. Kunze, Intel Press, 2002, ISBN: 097128878X.
6. Network Processor Design: Issues and Practices, by Patrick Crowley (Editor), et al, Morgan Kaufmann, 2002, ISBN: 1558608753.

Click here to download the files:-

Java, JavaBean, JVM
  1. Java Beans. 下載
  2. Dynamic Proxies. 下 載
  3. Java Reflection and Serialization. 下載1, 下 載2
  4. Java Virtual Machine. 下 載1, 下 載2, 下 載3
  5. Java Assembly Language.

Network processor
  1. Introduction to IXP 425 Network processor
  2. Introduction to IXP1200 Network processor 下載
  3. Baker language

  1. RMI Fundamentals. 下載
  2. Introduction to J2EE and EJB. 下載
  3. Transaction in EJB.下載
  4. JMS/EJB clustering.下載
  5. KaRMI. 下 載
  6. RMI Porting -- VIA RMI. 下 載

Bluetooth, Inifiband, Jini
  1. Java and Bluetooth Integration. 下 載
  2. An Introduction to the InfiniBand Architecture. 下載
  3. Jini.

.Net and C#
  1. Programming with C# and .NET. 下載
  2. Context and Remoting.

  1. PowerPoint File Viewer. 下 載
  2. Acrobat Reader 5.0. 下載
  3. GSview 4.3. 下載

Readings and Handouts

  1. Bean Builder Homepage. 連結

Network processor
  1. Analytical Models and performance evaluations for Network Processors 下載
  2. Network Security processor 下 載
  3. Advanced Routing Technologies 下 載
  4. QOS Issues in Servers for wireless communications 下 載
  5. QOS System Designs 下 載
  6. Design, Implementation and Performance of a Content-Based Switch 下載

  1. 連結

Enterprise JavaBean and VIA
  1. Enterprise JavaBeans Specification, Version 2.0. 下 載
  2. Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Edition. 下 載
  3. Virtual Interface Architecture Specification, Version 1.0. 下載
  4. InfiniBand Architecture Specification Volume 1, Release 1.0.a. 下載
  5. InfiniBand Architecture Specification Volume 2, Release 1.0.a. 下載

JavaVM and JIT
  1. T. Suganuma......, "Overview of the IBM Java Just-in-Time Compiler" 下載

  1. Bluetooth Specifications Book v1.1. 下 載
  2. Bluetooth Profiles Book v1.1. 下 載

  1. Infiniband Trade Association 連結

  1. Jini Specifications v1.2. 下 載
  2. JavaSpaces Specifications. 下 載

Architecture Description Language
  1. Technische Universitat Berlin, "Beyond Tool-Specific Machine Descriptions", Berlin Germany. 下載


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