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Raymond Frey, Wil 405, 346-5873, 


The Art of Electronics, 2nd Ed., Horowitz and Hill;
Instructor's lecture notes
Topics :

We will cover the following topics:
  • passive analog circuits, resistors, capacitors, and inductors, and their analysis in time
  • and in frequency using the method of complex impedance
  • diodes and transistors; basic transistor circuits; FETs
  • operational amplifiers ("op amps"); negative and positive feedback
  • applications of the above, including amplifiers, filters, oscillators, radio and phase-locked loop
This material corresponds to most of Chapters 1, 2, and 4 of the text, with some material from Chapters 3, 5, 9, and 13. The text does not provide a linear exposition of the subject matter, starting from basics and coherently working up, as is typically found in physics texts. (In fact, I know of no such text for electronics.) However, the text is very comprehensive and makes an excellent reference. But it does require some work to keep the main concepts in focus. To facilitate this, I will provide lecture notes which will be handed out in class and will be available

Notes :
from this web page.

Introduction; Voltage dividers; Thevenin theorem text 1.0-1.20; Lecture Notes 1 (ps) or (pdf) 
linear devices; AC circuits & calculations; complex impedance; text 1.21-1.34, App A; Lecture Notes 2 (ps) or (pdf) Lecture Notes 3 (ps) or (pdf) 
Frequency domain calculations (contd.); diodes; transistors; text 2.0-2.14;
Lecture Notes 4 (ps) or (pdf) 
transistor circuits; text 2.15-2.25; Lecture Notes 5 (ps) or (pdf) ; Lecture Notes 6 (ps) or (pdf) 
transistor circuits; FETs text 3.0-3.03 (browse); Lecture Notes 7 (ps) or (pdf)
Differential amplifiers, Op-amps; text Ch 4 thru 4.12 ; Lecture Notes 10 (ps) or (pdf)
 Midterm Exam Thursday Nov 4  (Do the practice exam!)
Op-amp circuits; feedback ; Lecture Notes 9 (ps) or (pdf)
pos. feedback and oscillators; Lecture Notes 10 (ps) or (pdf)
"radio": modulation and detection, AM, phase, and FM; phase-locked loops ; Lecture Notes 11 (ps) or (pdf)
Projects due this week; writeups due Friday Dec 10 5PM


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