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A simple control system.
A large tank must be filled with liquid from a supply line. One operator stands at ground level to operate the feed valve. Another stands on the tank, gauging its level with a dipstick. When the tank is near full, the stick operator will instruct the other to start closing the valve. Overfilling can cause spills, but underfilling will cause later process problems. See Lesson 1 to find a better way! (Lesson 1 image by Dr. Barry Johnston.)

Course Features

  • Lecture notes

Course Highlights

This course features a complete set of lecture notes and numerous assignments.

Course Description

This course introduces dynamic processes and the engineering tasks of process operations and control. Subject covers modeling the static and dynamic behavior of processes; control strategies; design of feedback, feedforward, and other control structures; and applications to process equipment.

Lecture Notes

1Introduction to Processes and SystemsLesson 1 (PDF)
2Math ReviewLesson 2 (PDF)
3-7The Blending TankLesson 3 (PDF)
8-13Two Tanks in SeriesLesson 4 (PDF)
14, 16-17Operability of ProcessesLesson 5 (PDF)
The Heated Tank
(This really is a second Lesson 5.)
Lesson 5 (PDF)
21-26The Exothermic ReactorLesson 6 (PDF)
27-31Higher-order Overdamped SystemsLesson 7 (PDF)
32-34, 36-39Cascade and Feed Forward Control SchemesLesson 8 (PDF)

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