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There was a rabbit nibbling on some tender grass beneath that bush and when the pumpkin fell he became frightened, as most rabbits would. He ran from the bush.

"Quickly!" screamed Mudhead when he saw it. "Catch it! Catch it! There's our horse. Catch him. He's running away!"

Both of them chased the rabbit. Up hill and down dale they chased it, hour after hour they chased it. However, the rabbit was a fast one and they couldn't catch him. Then, overcome with fatigue, Rascal fell over a rock and onto a thorny bush. The adventure resulted in a few scratches on his arms and chest and a bump on his head. He sat glumly looking up at Mudhead.

"Mudhead," he said matter-of-factly, "I'm tired, I'm sore and I'm hungry. We've lost our guru's horse and we've lost his money. What to do? I think its time for us to go back to the ashrama. It is not such a good idea to over endeavor."

And so, hungry and with no money in hand, they made their way. As they came closer to the abode of their guru they became concerned that he would severely chastise them. Overcome with anxiety they began to beat their chests and even their stomachs. They howled and cried like wolves on a full moon night. Wailing the name of their guru they tentatively stepped into the ashrama. When their guru maharaj came before them they simultaneously turned a shade of ghostly white and fainted at his feet.

Mleccha immediately ran into the kitchen and fetched a large bowl of water. He ran back and threw it over his godbrothers. Rascal, who was first to come to his senses blurted:

"Such a fast horse! I have never seen a horse run so fast. It was two hands long and looked like a rabbit. It had four legs and two very big ears. It was so small but it ran so quickly. I don't think it was an ordinary horse. Neither of us could catch him. Look what happened when I tried! We decided to return to the ashrama."

The guru heard their story, pondered the matter and then looked at them affectionately. "You lost the five gold coins and that is not such a good thing. And the horse is also gone. Quite frankly I think that is a blessing. If it is able to run so fast at such a young age, what would it be like when it grew older. I am an old man. I can't travel on a horse like that. I take it as a benediction that we didn't get the animal. It would have caused us a great deal of difficulty. Let's forget the incident. After all, it was only five gold coins. Don't worry about it."

The matter settled, guru Paramartha and his disciples went to take rest.

After some days guru Paramartha decided that he and his disciples should go on a long pilgrimage. When he told his disciples they were immediately concerned. Rascal said, "Guru maharaj, you are old and weak. It would be most irresponsible and cruel of us to take you walking over such a long distance. The least we can do is hire a bull."

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