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A couple have not been getting along for years,
so the husband
"I'll buy my wife a cemetery plot for
her birthday."
Well, you can imagine her disappointment.
The next
year, her birthday rolls around again and this time he doesn't get her anything.
She says, "Why didn't you get me a birthday present!?"
He replies, "You didn't use what I got you last year!"

A kindly old lady came across a little boy sitting on the pavement crying his eyes out. 'What's the matter?' she asked.

'It's my birthday!' he hollered. 'And I had a bicycle and a new tracksuit and this afternoon there's to be a party with crisps and jelly and a birthday cake and a disco afterwards.

' and he had to stop talking because he was crying so hard.

'But that's lovely,' said the old lady. 'Why are you crying?'

'Because I'm lost!'

A man who forgets his wife's birthday is certain to get

something to remember her by.

A St. Louis mother telephoned the capital building over in Jefferson City and asked to speak to the game warden.

After being switched from office to office, a voice finally said, "Hello." "Are you the game warden?" she asked.


"Finally Ah've got the right person!" she said. "Could yaw'l gimme some help with my son's birthday party?" 

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