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Getting anything done around here is like mating elephants.

It's done on a very high level.

There's a lot of stomping and screaming involved.

And it takes two years to get any results.

The Elephant, or so it seems,

Very rarely has wet dreams,

ut when he does, He comes in streams,

Revelling in the joys of fornication.
A lady while dining at Crewe,

Found an elephant's whang in her stew,

Said the waiter,"don't shout, and don't wave it about,

Or the others will all want one too!!"
Telephone Joke:
"Hello, this is your local Zoo speaking. Do you like animals?
We are experiencing severe problems with hot water.
Would you be so kind as to allow us to
bring our elephants over to your bathroom for a shower?"
The most common response: "Well, sure, but my
neighbour's bathroom is bigger and better equipped to handle elephants."

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