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Established in 1955, Royal Enfield was the brand of the Enfield Cycle Company. Royal Enfield is one the oldest bike on the road. The company is well known for producing motorcycles, but they also produce bicycle, stationary engines, lawnmowers and rifle small parts for the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield. Royal Enfield Motors Ltd. has its headquarter situated at Thiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India....

In 1990, Royal Enfield entered into a strategic alliance with the Eicher Group, and later merged with it in 1994. The annual turnover of the company is Rs.10 billion. The Eicher Group has a range of interests in the automotive industry, including small trucks, tractors, exports, automotive gears, management consultancy and cartography.

The corporate philosophy of Royal Enfield Motors Ltd. is built around quality and unflinching loyalty to the customer, a few reasons why the legendary Bullet is not just a bike but a motorcycling icon. The ruggedness and reliability of the bike is endorsed by the army, the police, the paramilitary forces and over 500 institutions which form part of the die-hard customer base of the Bullet, dubbed the "Rajagadi", or royal vehicle.

The innovative ideas of the Royal Enfield -Eicher nexus is exhibited in the new line of Enfield bikes and the global technological tie-ups.

Royal Enfield has existing technical tie-ups with :

- Criterion Engineers, UK for a new 5 speed transmission system.
- DB Designs, UK for styling.
- AVL, Austria for new engines.
- FW Egli for high power engines for 535cc and 624cc.
Royal Enfield Motors Ltd. operates out of 12 area offices, 16 depots, over 250 dealers and 150 authorized service centers in India. The company also exports its products to over 20 countries including Canada, France, Japan, USA, Germany and UK. 

Bullet 350

Bullet 500

Enfield Diesel
Bullet Deluxe
Bullet Electra
  • Bullet Electra
  • Bullet Electra 5S 
Bullet Machismo
Bullet Machismo 500

Bullet std 12V
Thunderbird Twindpark

Royal Enfield classic 500


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