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My air conditioner turns on but doesn’t work right. What could the problem be?

     It sounds like the fan has died. The fan is needed to push the cold air into the room, and keep the air conditioner from freezing up. Without the fan, the moisture the unit is generating gets put back into the room. I suggest you take the unit for professional repair, as a repair of this kind can be very tricky.

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I have a feeling my AC ducts have a leak somewhere. The ductwork is in the
attic. The ducts are insulated. I suspect a leak because of the smell that comes
from the vents when the AC is turned on. It smells like the attic. How can
I find the leak and repair the leak?

  •      About the only way you’re going to find any leaks is to get up there and look for them then seal them with duct tape.
  •      I have some doubts that there is a leak though. You may just be smelling the normal damp musty smell that comes from air conditioning units when they first start up. You also may need to clean the filters or the drain on the unit, they collect lots of dust and grime and will smell a lot like an attic when dirty.
  •      In all my years of doing repairs I have only once seen a split duct in a house and that was because a kid hit it with a pool cue. It’s not a very common occurrence. 

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