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 Singapore boosts a good number of educational institutions. These institutions are known worldwide for their quality courseware and international recognition. 

Students can study at various National Schools, Polytechnics & Universities or can choose one of the private Sector educational institutions that enable students to receive diplomas & degrees from prestigious foreign Universities. 

In recent years,education system in Singapore has established itself as a flexible, diverse and a more broad-based system. 

Generally speaking, the educational structure applicable in Singapore is as follows:

Primary School: Age 6 - 11 

Secondary School: Age 12 - 16 (0 levels) 

Institution of Technical Education: After 0 levels can take the national ITE Certificates (NITEC) course for 2 years.


Pre-Higher: (Age16) They can study for A levels either at Junior College for 2 years or spend 3 years at Polytechnic to obtain diploma.

Higher Education: After polytechnic either students can work or continue studies at a University.
Singapore’s three famous Universities are:
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)

These three varsities are known worldwide for their quality education and courseware.
Private Institutions: Singapore has around more than 35 private institutions that provide foreign education and degree programmes.

Official grading mechanism: Though, presently, Singapore offers no authorized and official grading system in place but the SQC (Singapore Quality Class) Scheme awarded by ‘Spring Singapore” can give students some idea about the quality of Private educational players operatingin Singapore.

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