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Singapore is one among the top ten educational destinations in the world. The country seems to be a preferred place for Indian students owing to the following reasons: 

Globally Recognized Qualifications: Singapore offers a progressive education system with state-of-the-art facilities. Students aspiring to study in Singapore receive degrees that are internationally recognized. There are wide range of study opportunities, including state administered primary, secondary schools, universities and polytechnics.

A Cheaper destination vis-à-vis other countries: The best thing about studying in Singapore is its proximity with India which reduces the expanses to as less low as 60% less than as compared to major destinations like USA, UK, Canada or Australia. 

English Extensively Spoken: Students do not find any difficulty communicating as English is the main language of business & administration & is widely spoken & understood in Singapore.

Clean, Green and Safe Country: Generous pockets of lush gardens and tropical greenery co-exist with an urban landscape. There are strict rules on littering in Singapore, so students rarely see rubbish on the streets or graffiti on walls. It is apparent how Singapore earned its reputation as the Garden City. 

While the smaller islands around serve as excellent playgrounds for sea sports, Singapore, being only a few hours away from other countries in Asia, becomes ideal for both students and travelers alike in this region. 

A variety of Spas, shopping malls, carnivals and the presence of world's highest observation wheel all make student-life in Singapore exciting as well as enjoyable.

Multicultural society: Singapore's multicultural society is composed of four major ethnic groups: the Chinese, Malays, Indians and smaller minority groups.  The variety of religions is a direct reflection of the diversity of races living here. Singapore's principal religions are Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity.

Platform for many intentional educational institutions: Singapore has always been successful in attracting top global talent; this is evident from the fact that it compromises of a population where one out of four persons is a foreigner. Leading universities across the world have set up international campuses in Singapore, offering international degrees at almost half of the overseas tuition fee.

A leading Global Business Hub: More than 6,000 companies from around the world have set up base in Singapore, thus students often find it possible to build lucrative careers here after completing their education. Singapore has been consistently ranked as one of the most competitive business destinations for business in the world.

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