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Australia has emerged as a popular destination for MBA programs because of its strong educational infrastructure, a high quality of life, and relatively lower expenses. 

Australian MBA degrees are gaining increased acceptance in the global arena. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, together with the cosmopolitan charisma of cities like Sydney and Melbourne provide the most suitable environment for grooming business leaders.

Business Schools like Melbourne Business School have been ranked among the best in the world and the MBA programs offered by them are popular with students worldwide. For more details,
Some of the most popular business schools in Australia are:
  • Melbourne Business School
  • Macquarie University
  • Monash Mount Eliza Business School
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Adelaide
  • RMIT
  • Curtin University of Technology
  • University of Australia

Bachelor Degree: Most Australian business schools accept the three-year graduation system for entry into the MBA programme. For most good Universities, a good first degree from a leading university in India or its equivalent is essential.

There are some universities that accept students for the MBA without a bachelor degree if they have considerable work experience and significant professional achievements.

Work Experience: Most Australian business schools (AMBA Accredited) require a minimum of two to three years of work experience.

There are around five to six Australian business schools that accept students who have no experience for direct entry into the MBA programme.

GMAT:GMAT is accepted and recommended by many universities. However, many Australian universities are flexible about it.

TOEFL/IELTS: You need to take either the TOEFL or IELTS for admission to an MBA program in Australia. This is required by almost all universities. This mandatory for most business schools even if you have studied in English medium throughout.

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