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It seems that the term independent nurse or nurse contract or nursing registry, nursing travel, independent nurse registry were terms not common to the nursing field. A typical nurse in the past simply applied for work at a hospital and stayed employed until he/she retired. The nurse worked the hours given to her/him, received vacation time and in a perfect world received good pay to survive in America's growing economy.

Today, this is no longer true! Statistics tell us that America has a nursing shortage and predictions estimate a 250,000 nursing shortage in the next ten years. With numbers lingering over the medical field you would think that more nurses would take advantage and use these numbers to there advantage and make more money while working less, but they don't. Why?

Nurses are not aware of the leverage they posses.

Nurses get comfortable working in one facility.

Nurses are afraid of loosing benefits.

Nurses don't realize they are in huge demand.

Nurses don't realize how much more money they can make.

These and other reason's nurses don't become independent contractors. They are afraid of starting their own medical staffing agency.

Once a nurse finds out that they can keep there day job (or night shift) and start a nursing staffing agency on the side and make over $100,000 a year in extra income they quickly begin and try to find out how to get started.

I was amazed how many nurses have not seen this trend in the medical staffing industry. It is all about supply and demand in the medical industry. Nurses are in demand and you supply the demand. The supply or the nurse need not be you. Very important you understand what I am saying and realize that the extra income you can make will come from other nurses covering the shifts and not you.

O'K let me break it down a bit for you.

You make say $70,000 a year from your regular job

Your registry for three full time nurses makes you over $100,000 in net profits, that's net profits not gross profits. The net profit is what you keep after you pay your nurses.

With only three full time nurses you have made more money than your full time job. At this point some nurses keep their full time job and continue to make a good living from their nursing registry. Some nurses take it a step further and expand with potential to make millions.

The hardest part of starting your own nursing registry is the management aspect of it. But as a nurse aren't you already doing that. Aren't you already telling people what to do?

As a nurse you have two choices to make more money. Work more hours or work fewer hours and make more money with your own medical staffing agency.

Take advantage of the nursing shortage by starting your own medical staffing agency and becoming an independent nursing contractor.

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